Feasts of the Holy Trinity – A

Having celebrated the great feasts of Easter and Pentecost it’s appropriate that we pause to reflect and celebrate the great God behind all of this with a feast day. This is, as St. Paul says. ‘the God in whom we live and move and have our being;’ the God who has loved each one of us into life and constantly longs for our companionship.  I limit myself to three points about our amazing God, namely, i) God is great, ii) God is love and iii) God is for us.  We begin with the greatness of God by taking a page from that wonderful hymn, ‘O Lord my God’ as it provides us with an excellent starting point for this contemplation. Continue reading


Trinity Sunday – C

I was once asked in an interview a very searching question: ‘how real is God in your life?’  I’m not too sure what answer I gave but what I remember very well is the question: “how real is God in your life?”   It is the kind of question that cuts through mere knowledge about God or rattling off some answer from the catechism.  For God to be real in my life suggests that somehow or other I’m conscious of God and of God being a companion on my journey.  This is where the saints shine.  They seem to operate out of a deep awareness of a loving God in their lives and thus God impacted upon them hugely.  How else does one explain Blessed Mother Teresa leaving the Loreto convent to found a religious order to work in the streets of Calcutta.  Surely that bears the impact of God.  Another woman ever conscious of God was St. Therese of Lisieux. Her autobiography is one continuous dialogue with her God.  God was her all.  Continue reading