Pentecost Sunday – B

The feast of Pentecost is amazing.  It’s a feast of the extraordinary, the unthinkable, the incredible — the feast of limitless possibilities.  Jesus promised his disciples the Advocate, the helper who would lead them into the full truth, the Holy Spirit who would guide them and remind them of all that Jesus said and did. This same Spirit will keep them in touch with Jesus’ beautiful vision, with his Father’s wonderful dream for all God’s people.  Yet they probably had little idea of how it would happen; of how powerful and amazing the Spirit would become in their lives.  Who would have thought that once again God is a God of surprises? Continue reading


Pentecost Sunday – A

Pentecost is truly a wonderful feast.  It is that magnificent moment of wind, fire, power and miraculous transformation.  It is truly the new age of the Spirit when all is changed, changed utterly.  The Apostles are at the heart of it just as they were at the heart of all those strange happenings when a certain Jesus of Nazareth walked the roads of Galilee and spoke of new thoughts, new deeds, and new things.  Now, these new deeds are taking place.  Now they are walking the talk.  And the response is nothing short of amazing.  People from the four corners of the earth are hearing them in their own language. This is the reverse of the Tower of Babel which was famous for the division and the breakdown of community; famous for the multiplication of languages so that people no longer knew or understood each other.  Now everyone understands the Apostles in their own tongue.  Here is the great gathering together of the nations of the world once more.  All nations, peoples, tribes and cultures are brought together and celebrate their common heritage in Christ.  We are now all brothers and sisters in the family of God, whether Jew or Greek, slave or free, woman or man.  There is no longer any distinction that favours one at the expense of the other.  Continue reading

Pentecost Sunday – B

Yesterday there were scenes of great joy for the people of El Salvador as Archbishop Romero was beatified. He was their hero in a civil war that cost the lives of 80,000 people and another 12,000 that disappeared. It was truly a Pentecostal moment. Over 250,000 gathered for this great occasion, which for many Salvadorians was a long overdue moment of recognition. On the day before he died the Archbishop appealed to the Government: “The law of God which says thou shalt not kill must come before any human order to kill. It is high time you recovered your conscience.” Continue reading