Thirty Third Sunday of the Year – A

We are not on earth as museum keepers, but to cultivate a flourishing garden of life 
and prepare a glorious future.”

This quote from St. John XXIII sets the tone for today’s gospel.  We have each been graced by the Lord for the service of others. If I hide the talents the Lord has given me, others are thereby deprived. Most of us need some encouragement to place our gifts at the disposal of others. Part of our Christian vocation is to give others courage, to encourage them. A couple of verses beyond where today’s second reading ends, Paul writes: “Build each other up, as indeed you are doing.” In these difficult times for the church, the ministry of encouragement is vital. Now is not the time to hide the Good News in the ground out of fear. Rather, it is a time to encourage each other to share this treasure so that the church may become all that God is calling it to be. Continue reading


Feasts of the Holy Trinity – A

Having celebrated the great feasts of Easter and Pentecost it’s appropriate that we pause to reflect and celebrate the great God behind all of this with a feast day. This is, as St. Paul says. ‘the God in whom we live and move and have our being;’ the God who has loved each one of us into life and constantly longs for our companionship.  I limit myself to three points about our amazing God, namely, i) God is great, ii) God is love and iii) God is for us.  We begin with the greatness of God by taking a page from that wonderful hymn, ‘O Lord my God’ as it provides us with an excellent starting point for this contemplation. Continue reading