Fourteenth Sunday of the Year – A

‘Rejoice, heart and soul, daughter of Zion!  Shout with gladness, daughter of Jerusalem!’ The prophet Zechariah has the best possible news for a people held in captivity in Babylon and far away from their native land. Their time of trial and suffering is over so that now can return to the land of their birth.  Not only that.  The new leader will remove from the city every sign of military power and force, he will destroy every instrument of war and all other means of violence.  But there is something baffling about these assertions as Zechariah talks of the victorious king as humble and riding on a donkey!  According to the wisdom of the world, this is not the way to overcome an enemy.  If one is to be a victorious king one must look like the part, coming at the head of an army with horses and chariots, not humble and riding on a donkey. Continue reading