Feast of Christ the King – A

In the movie, Shawshank Redemption, apart from the main story of Andy who was wrongly imprisoned, there is the rather poignant story of Brooks Hatlen.  He was an inmate from 1905 to 1954.  Although his crime is never revealed, murder is presumed due to his lengthy prison sentence.  He was the librarian of the prison starting in 1912 and was friends with Andy.  Brooks was paroled in 1954 but by then he was totally institutionalised and was hopelessly lost in the outside world.  He got a job at a store but still couldn’t cope in this utterly alien world and committed suicide soon after.  Continue reading


Thirteenth Sunday of the Year – A

Elisha was a man of God.  That was the conclusion the woman of Shunem came to after welcoming the itinerant preacher into her home.  It was her hospitality that helped her to reach this conclusion. While it is a wonderful thing to meet a man or woman of God it’s not always easy to recognise one. It calls for a certain attitude, an acceptance of God’s mystery on our part and a willingness to make room for the stranger, the other, the surprising, the unlooked for and the unwanted.  This good woman, so open to life, recognized the grace of God at work in this man and so set about making space for him.  It was her way of making space for the divine in her life. Continue reading